The Journal of  Happiness and Well-Being (JHWB) is an international peer-refereed scientific journal. JHWB is an open access journal published twice a year, both in print and online, in March-September. The journal is a bilingual publication that accepts articles in Turkish and English and uses a double-blind peer-review system.
The aim of the journal is to promote applied and pragmatic critical analysis of issues related to happiness and psychological well-being. The journal also aims to contribute to academic interaction by delivering original works produced by local and foreign expert academics and researchers from different disciplines to the relevant circles.
JHWB is a journal that publishes qualitative and quantitative research in the field of positive psychology. Subject coverage of the journal; pursuit of happiness, benefits of happiness happiness and well-being, determinants of happiness, psychological resilience, forgiveness, psychology of emotions, emotional intelligence, empathy and altruism, love, sexual well-being
marriage and romantic relationships, mindfulness, meaning and purpose of life,  human strengths,  character powers and environmental resources, human relations and social support, job commitment, positive psychology at work, optimism and hope, self-esteem, self-compassion, self-efficacy, positive body, psychological needs and motivation, humility, mercy, psychological well-being, social intelligence, gratitude (gratitude),   post-traumatic growth, life satisfaction and quality of life topics.

ISSN (Print): 2822-4523
ISSN (Online): 2147-561X

Biannual (March and September)

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